Air Conditioner Services

Fort Myers, Florida can be one of the hottest places to live. There is nothing worse than having your car’s air conditioner not working properly. Whether the autos air conditioner is not blowing to its fullest potential or it is not working at all. Our full service auto air conditioner specialist will help get that cold air blowing back on you. There could be myriad reasons why your system is not working properly. The first step in getting your automobile back on track is to diagnosis the problem. We use the latest technology and tools to determine your problem. Then we get to work on fixing it so you can get on with your life.

We offer a variety of air conditioning services including: 

  •   Diagnostic, repair and recharge services
  •   Check for proper operation of controls
  •   Check blower fan operation
  •   Use of environmentally approved equipment
  •   Recover, recycle, recharge system using proper refrigerant & lubricants
  •   Inspect all a/c components for leaks. Repair or replace as needed
  •   Test for proper pressure and ensure proper cycling of compressor
  •   Replace Cabin Air Filter as Required
  •   Check cooling efficiency
  •   Check Blower Fan Operation

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