Transmission Services

At Whiskey Creek Auto in Fort Myers, Florida we are specialist in transmission services. It is important to understand what a transmission is and how it works in your automobile.

The term auto comes for the fact that most cars and trucks that are sold in the U.S. use an automatic transition that does the shifting for you at the ultimate times. A stick shift car or a manual transmission requires the driver to use a clutch and stick in order to change which gear their car is operating in. In lower gears a vehicle gives off more torque while in higher gears the transmission runs at a more fluid level. That is why an auto starts off in first gear from a dead-stop.

The transmission in an automobile is one of the most complex, if not, the most complex system in the entire car. It takes into account many different faucets and accounts of physics, stresses, strains, and fluids to name a few. Because of the complexity of the transmission it is prudent that you have all of your transmission services needs attended to by an experienced and qualified Fort Myers transmission services specialist.

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